• A complete and
    easy-to-use range

A complete and
easy-to-use range

The NORBIN® brand includes consistent quality basecoat and topcoat systems, clearcoats, primers and other ancillaries formulated to deliver consistent color quality and performance each and every time. Offer may differ from country to country due to local market and legislation.

Consistent quality basecoat and topcoat systems

The NORBIN® 25 basecoat system offers 55 tint bases including metallic and pearl effects, while the NORBIN® 26 topcoat system offers a range of 23 tint bases. A range of additives to be used with both NORBIN® 25 basecoats and NORBIN® 26 topcoats is also available.

Ancillary range

NORBIN®'s range of high-performance hardeners, thinners and primers are designed to work with the NORBIN® 25 basecoats and the NORBIN® 26 topcoats.